The Basics of Water

Water is a molecule called H2O that contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.  It’s a transparent, odorless liquid that you can find in lakes, rivers and oceans.  It falls from the sky as rain or snow.

Fresh water is the result of the Earth’s water or hydrologic cycle.  The sun’s heat causes surface water to evaporate.  It rises in the atmosphere, then cools and condenses to form clouds.  When enough water vapor condenses, it falls back to the surface again as rain, sleet, or snow.  The process repeats itself in a never-ending cycle.

Bogatz Water Conditioning Water Basics
How does it get to your residence or business?

Typically, pipes bring the water supply from a facility that treats the water to your home or business.  A well built and maintained distribution system of pipes helps ensure its quality.  When you start to have a bad odor, lime build-up, rust staining or slow running water, you know it’s time to get a water analysis done.

How much do you use?

A typical American uses 80-100 gallons of water every day.  If that sounds like a lot, consider that the total includes not just drinking water, but also the water used for washing, watering lawns, and waste disposal.  In fact, people actually drink less than 1% of the water coming into their homes.  The rest goes for other purposes.

What is your part in Water?

Whether you are a business or a home, the water system you have setup needs to be maintained, updated or added to in order to ensure that the quality water supply continues for yourself or your operations.

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